A.O Smith GDHE-50 Vertex 100,000 BTU 50 Gallon Water Heater

A.O Smith is considered a global leader when it comes to the application of innovative technology and energy efficient solutions. A.O is recognized as one of the world leaders in manufacturing of residential as well as commercial water heating equipment. They are also one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors in all of North America. The company was started back in 1874, since then they have been committed to looking and inventing new ways to best serve their customers. A.O Smith has created innovative new products that offer better performance and a reduction in energy costs.

One of the products well known throughout the water heater industry is the A.O Smith GDHE-50-NG 50 Gallon – 100,000 BTU Vertex Water Heater. This water heater is described as peak demand and it has an impressive thermal efficiency rating of 96%. This water heater can provide a continuous supply of hot water when you need it, even during the peak hot water demands in the day.
The Model GDHE-50-NG is a natural gas water heater, it can provide 96% thermal efficiency, which can and will save you money on energy costs while providing hot water when you need it.

A.O Smith GDHE-50-NG Vertex 50 Gallon 100,000 BTU Water Heater
One of the features on the Vertex is the Spiral Heat Exchanger, this was designed to decrease the amount of lime scale build up as well as maintain a high energy efficiency performance. Another great feature is the Modular Blower, this blower has a 120-volt, 60 Hz electrical system, the amps are 5 or less. The motor comes with a 6 foot 3 prong electrical cord. There is also a 2-inch PVC pipe; elbow and condensate drain which is designed to connect the heat exchanger outlet to the blower. There is also a PVC Vent Attenuation Assembly supplied.

The A.O Smith GDHE-50-NG 50 Gallon – 100,000 BTU Vertex Water Heater has two heavy duty anode rods, these rods are put in place to protect the water heater from rust and corrosion. The Vertex offers a Green Choice Gas Burner, this is an A.O Smith patented eco friendly designed system that will reduce low NOx emissions by 33% and it does meet less than 40 ng/j requirements for low NOx.

The A.O Smith GDHE-50-NG 50 Gallon – 100,000 BTU Vertex Water Heater is rated for 76,000 BTU’s per hour and a 50-gallon capacity tank. The first hour delivery is 127 gallons and a 92-gallon with a recovery rise of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The system comes with an Intelli-Vent Gas Control System, this system has a destruction proof silicon nitride hot surface igniter, and there is no standing pilot light to light. The advanced system offers more accuracy when it comes to the control of water temperature. The operating working pressure is a maximum of 150 psi.

The A.O Smith GDHE-50-NG 50 Gallon – 100,000 BTU Vertex Water Heater is available in Power Vent or 100 Power Vent, each water heater is backed by A.O Smith, contact your local sales representative for pricing and more information. Using a water heater that is older than 10 years and costs you money is not an energy efficient way to get hot water, the A.O Smith GDHE-50-NG 50 Gallon – 100,000 BTU Vertex Water Heater provides hot water when you want it, energy conservation and peace of mind.

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