A.O. Smith ProMax GCV-40 Natural Gas Tall 40,000 BTU Water Heater Review

A.O Smith is the recognized leader in both water heater and electric motors in North America and around the world. A.O Smith has a wide variety of products that fits every type of water heating application whether it is for residential or commercial. One of these products is the A.O. Smith ProMax Water Heater Series. The ProMax Series includes ECT-52 Tall 52 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater and the ProMax GPVH50 Natural Gas 40,000 50 Gallon Water Heater. These are high performance and high quality water heaters; one of the others in the ProMax Series is the GCV-40 Natural Gas Tall 40,000 BTU Water Heater.

The A.O. Smith ProMax GCV-40 Natural Gas Tall 40,000 BTU Water Heater is a Tallboy Model, it’s height measures in at 61-3/4 inches. The GVC-40 offers a 70 gallons per hour first hour delivery rating with an energy factor of .59. This gas fired water heater has 40,000 gallons with 41 gallons per hour 90-degree recovery rise. There are some great features that come with the ProMax GCV-40, one of these is these water heaters meet and exceed the standards set by the American National Standards Institute. These standards are set for the Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant Water Heaters like the ProMax GCV-40.

A.O. Smith ProMax GCV-40 Natural Gas Tall 40,000 BTU Water HeaterThis water heater is comes with a factory installed sealed combustion chamber with an air intake and a flame arrestor built into the base of the water heater. There is also a TCO or Thermal Cut off device that is designed to turn off the gas flow to the burner and the pilot if any poor quality combustion is being detected. The GCV-40 has an exceptional value in the sense that the heater was designed to be economical for homes that need a high demand of hot water without spending a lot of money on their energy bills.

The A.O. Smith ProMax GCV-40 Natural Gas Tall 40,000 BTU Water Heater comes equipped with the DynaClean Diffuser Dip Tube, this system was created to help decrease any lime and sediment build up that can maximizes the hot water output. The diffuser dip tube is made from a long lasting PEX cross-linked polymer. Another A.O Smith system installed on the ProMax System is the CoreGuard Anode Rod, this is an exclusive design by A.O Smith and it is an aluminum anode that has a stainless steel core that will protect the tank against corrosion longer than most other water heater brands.

The A.O Smith Blue Diamond Glass Coating protects the water heater; this provides a superior resistance when compared to other glass linings. The ProMax GCV-40 has a Push Button Piezo Ignitor; this is a quick way to light the pilot with just a simple push of a button. The GCV-40 comes with a Green Choice Gas Burner that is A.O Smith Patented Eco Friendly Burner that will decrease the NOx emissions by 33%. A.O Smith offers a 6 Year Limited Tank and Parts Warranty.

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