Bradford White M-I-40T6FBN 40 Gallon Defender Water Heater

Bradford White is one of the leaders when it comes to water heaters, the company dates back to 1881. Bradford white is one of the oldest water heater companies in the industry today. The company offers products that are all designed through advanced technology and innovation. Bradford White offers water heating, space heating, combination heating and water storage to both commercial and residential customers.

Bradford White has a goal to provide their customers with the best water heaters in the industry. They stand by their products as well as their belief that their water heaters should be installed by a professional qualified technician. They believe in a safe installation and in high quality and high performance water heaters. One of their best selling water heaters is the Bradford White M-I-40T6FBN 40 Gallon Defender Water Heater.

Bradford White M-I-40T6FBN 40 Gallon Defender Water Heater
The Bradford White M-I-40T6FBN 40 Gallon Defender Water Heater works a bit differently than other traditional water heaters. This system works through a normal operation but the air from the combustion is taken into the water heaters into the opening into the jacket, the air travels down and into the combustion chamber and goes through the holes in the very button of the corrosion resistant combustion system. This provides more energy efficient and a more effective operation.

Some of the features found on the Bradford White M-I-40T6FBN 40 Gallon Defender Water Heater are the Bradford White ICON System, this is a Smart gas control system that has millivolt powered technology as well as a factory installed Piezo Igniter. The ICON System offers enhanced performance with an advanced temperature control system, intelligent diagnostic systems and a pilot on indication system that will flash a green LED, which proves positive indication that the pilot is on.

As we mentioned the Defender System is energy efficient, contributing to the efficiency is the 1 inch Non CFC Foam Insulation; this covers all sides plus the top of the tank. This will decrease the amount of heat loss when the unit is on stand by. This will also contribute to less energy consumption and a more enhanced operation. The unit also comes with a factory installed heat traps and a protective magnesium anode rod, which will protect the water heater from rust and corrosion.

The Bradford White 40 Gallon Defender System also comes equipped with a resettable thermal switch; this device is proven to be 100% reliable. The system prevents the burner and the pilot from operating in the event of a vapor burn inside the combustion chamber or if there is a restriction of airflow. Some of the specifications of the M-I-40T6FBN is a 40 gallon capacity tank with a Natural Gas BTU input of 40,000 per hour and when Liquid Propane is used the unit has a 36,000 BTU input per hour.

The M-I-40T6FBN offers 42 gallons per hour on a 90 degree Fahrenheit rise on natural gas and 38 gallons per hour on a 90-degree rise with a liquid propane unit. Bradford White is offering a 6 or 10 year limited tank warranties and a 6 or 10-year warranty on the component parts.

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