Bradford White MI250L6DS Lowboy 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

Bradford White is one of the oldest water heater companies in the industry, the company dates back to 1881 when technology was not that advanced and there were no such thing as tankless water heaters. Bradford White started small but soon after became the world leader when it comes to space heating, water heating and combination of heating and water storage products. Today their inventory consists of Gas, Electric and Solar Water Heaters. These water heaters are available in tankless, tallboy or upright and lowboy water heater models.

Every water heater and every product manufactured by Bradford White was built with the most current and advanced technology. These products are designed with innovation and professionalism. In return, Bradford White recommends that all of their products be installed by professional technicians. The goal is to provide residential homeowners and commercial owners the right to have the maximum use from their products. By having a professional technician do the installation, you are ensuring just that.

Bradford White MI250L6DS Lowboy 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater
One of the premier products in the Bradford White inventory is the MI250L6DS Lowboy 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater. All of the Lowboy Models do meet and exceed the standards set by the DOE. All units are Energy Star rated and all are factory tested before they are shipped out. Lowboy models are smaller than uprights and therefore consumers do not think that they are powerful enough to heat the water for their homes. One advantage of the lowboy is that there is more flexibility when it comes to installation. There is no power lost on a lowboy electric water heater from Bradford White.

The MI250L6DS offers a fully Automatic Control System; these controls are surface mounted thermostats that provide an automatic temperature control. The control panel is factory installed with a manual reset energy cut off for safety as well as from preventing overheating. This model is also equipped with a Direct Heat Transfer With Immersed Elements, this system transfer the heat directly and more efficiently to the water. The unit also comes with the Bradford White factory installed Hydrojet Total Performance System.

This system allows the cold water inlet sediment to be reduced which will help prevent the sediment build up in the tank as well as increases the first hour delivery of hot water while decreasing the temperature build up in the tank. The unit is protected by a 2-inch Non CFC Foam Insulation and a VitraGlas Lining; this is a Bradford White design that provides the ultimate protection from highly corrosive materials that can come from hot water.

The Bradford White MI250L6DS Lowboy 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater has a gallon capacity of 47 U.S gallons and 39 Imported gallons. Bradford White offers a 6 or a 10-year Limited tank Warranty and a 6 or 10 year Limited Warranty on the components. You can find the MI250L6DS or other Bradford White Water Heaters at your local Home Depot or Lowes Home improvement locations.

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