Does Home Depot Install Water Heaters?

Home Depot can arrange the Installation of Water Heaters but they do not do it themselves. When you buy a water heater at Home Depot they will usually offer a fairly low installation price for a company that they contract their installation work to, which if you accept the price that company will then come out and install the water heater.

Generally the prices Home Depot charges for installations are very low compared to the typical market prices charged by plumbers in that area for a water heater installation and many companies receive offers to do installation work for Home Depot but decline the offer. The companies that do accept the offer are struggling without a lot of work and are hoping that the installation work they receive will have additional work added to the bill for items required to bring the installation into compliance with the plumbing code. These items such as drip pans, new gas valves and other items not quoted by Home Depot in their installation quote will then be added to the bill and will improve the profitability of their work.

This practice is not just limited to Home Depot’s water heater installs but also applies to all their plumbing, electrical, carpentry as well as other trades installation work. Customers should realize that they are contracting the work sight unseen when they have Home Depot arrange for their contractor to do the work so a completely accurate quote is impossible to get. Many times if you use a local plumbing company of your own choice they will come out to the job and look at it then give you a “written in stone” quote.

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