How Good Are Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless Water HeaterWhether you consider Tankless Water Heaters to be good or, not depends more on the conditions, your hot water needs, and the equipment installed than anything else. Tankless Water Heaters operate using a large capacity burner or, element to instantly heat the water passing through the unit to the desired hot water temperature instead of a smaller burner or, element heating a tank full of water and storing it while maintaining the temperature.

Many people believe that Tankless Water Heaters offer a tremendous energy savings over a tank type water heater but this is far from the truth. One BTU will raise the temperature of a pound of water one degree no matter how it is done, there is no magic in this it is elementary physics and cannot change. The only savings you will see is in the standby heat loss which is fairly low with todays well insulated tank water heaters.

Some of the differences between Tankless Water Heaters and tank type water heaters you can expect are:

Tankless Water Heaters will deliver an unlimited amount of hot water with the flow rate determined by the capacity of the unit and the temperature of the incoming cold water, while tank type water heaters will deliver hot water at an unlimited flow until the volume of hot water in the tank is depleted.

Tankless Water Heaters require a minimum flow rate to turn on and heat water while tank type water heaters do not. If you were to turn on the hot water at a trickle rate with a Tankless Water Heater the water will not get hot unless there is a buffering tank incorporated in the design of the system.

Tankless Water Heaters require a larger energy supply for instant heating than tank type water heaters that have smaller sized burners and elements. Depending on the size of your electric or, gas service and whether or, not an upgrade is required there may be considerable cost added to the installation costs.

There are many other differences between the Tankless Water Heaters and tank storage water heaters which should be thoroughly researched before you consider installing a Tankless Water Heater. Depending on your application and needs they can be either the best thing since sliced bread or, a curse that you can’t wait to replace.

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