Should I have My Water Heater replaced by A professional?

PlumberWhether you should have a water heater replaced by a professional is a question that only you can answer, and it is a difficult choice because you may not have all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. There are many things that can make a water heater become a very dangerous appliance with some severely destructive and deadly consequences when they are not installed properly. The knowledge requirements go beyond the basic ability to connect pipes and wires with the consequences of an improper installation at best being a reliability problem, and at the worst being carbon monoxide poisoning of the homes residents, fire, and explosion. In some cases you will be prohibited by law from installing a water heater if you do not have a plumbing license.

To safely install a water heater you will need to first check your local and state laws to determine if you are legally allowed to install a water heater if you do not have a plumbing license. If allowed you will also have to know and follow the applicable sections of your locally used plumbing code, electrical code, and fuel gas code along with following the manufacturers instructions for installation. It is also recommended that you get a installation permit and have the installation inspected by the plumbing inspector to ensure that it was done properly.

With the dramatic consequences of shock and fire caused by an improper electrical hookup, asphyxiation, explosion and fire caused by leaking gas, carbon monoxide poisoning from improper venting, an exploding tank from an improper T&P valve installation, a plain old water leak caused by bad pipe connections is nothing.

Only you can decide if you have the knowledge and skills needed to install a water heater properly and safely. But more importantly than that is if you know enough to decide if you have the knowledge and skills required.

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