What Is A “Low boy” Water Heater?

Short Water HeaterA “Short” Water Heater also sometimes referred to as a “Low Boy Water Heater” is used where the space the water heater is being installed in is not tall enough for a regular water heater. The “Short” Water Heaters are available with the same tank sizes as tall water heaters but rather than being tall and thin they are short and fat allowing installations under cabinets, stairs and many other locations where the height may be an issue.

“Short” Water Heaters will be around 30 to 32 inches high and 19 to 27 inches wide vs. the same size water heater in the tall version being 45 to 57 inches high and 17 to 19 inches wide on electric models. “Short” Water Heaters are also available in gas models but due to the design of gas water heaters they are much taller than the electric models where the “Short” Gas Water Heaters would be about 50 inches tall and 20 inches wide vs. the same size “Tall” gas water heater being 60 inches high and 18 inches wide. There is also additional height requirements for the flue pipe to exhaust the unit.

“Short” Water Heater pricing will be higher than the tall versions because the pricing of water heaters is often dictated somewhat by the sales volume with high volume units costing less to produce, distribute, and store in inventory. If you are able to install the conventional height water heater you will save on the price of the unit so “Short” Water Heaters are best left to using only when you absolutely have to due to space constraints.

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