What Is A Tallboy Water Heater?

Tall Water HeaterA Tallboy Water Heater is a tall thin tank type water heater also known as a tall water heater. It is probably the most commonly installed water heater and is used where height is not a concern. The tall size and small diameter makes the Tallboy Water Heater an ideal choice where you want the space saving design of a small footprint.

Tallboy Water Heaters are commonly available in electric and gas with all different kinds of venting available as well in sizes form 30 gallons on up to 100 gallons. The height difference between tall and short water heaters will typically be about 10 – 14 inches on the same capacity water heaters.

When you are looking to purchase a new water heater you should always take measurements to be sure the new water heater will fit in place and be able to connect tot the existing pipes, energy, and flue connections. The newer water heaters probably will not match the size of the older water heater you are replacing. There have been a number of changes such as additional insulation, and Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) burner designs that may have changed the height and diameter so you should check to make sure it will fit in place without expensive modifications having to be made for the connections. In some cases the additional money you would pay to buy a short water heater would be much cheaper than having to redo the flue connections.

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