What Is A Water Heater Drip Pan?

A Water Heater Drip Pan is a round metal or plastic pan with a drain designed to catch any water leaking from a water heater tank and drain it in a manner which will prevent water damage to the building and its contents. Water Heater Drip Pans are round and placed underneath an installed water heater. The sides of the drip pan are about four inches high and there is a drain which is plumbed to a location where the water will discharge without causing damage to the building the water heater in located in.

Water Heater Drip Pans are required by plumbing codes in many locations and may be constructed of either plastic or, metal. When a drip pan is installed on a water heater that uses combustion to heat the water the pan should be a metal pan. Although the existing water heater may not have a Water Heater Drip Pan when the water heater is replaced the upgrade of having a Water Heater Drip Pan is often required. The T&P Valve discharge is not allowed to discharge into the Water Heater Drip Pan and must be plumbed away separately to a safe discharge location where the discharge will not damage the building or, injure people.

Each year about 5.5 million water heaters will fail and many will leak causing damage to the building they are located in. Water Heater Drip Pans have the potential to save consumers large amounts of money by preventing a leaking water heater from causing damage.

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