Why Are Bradford White Water Heaters Only Sold To Professionals?

Bradford White Water Heaters Are Only Sold To Professionals due to a policy of Bradford White where they have dealers sign an agreement to only sell Bradford White water heaters and replacement parts to licensed plumbing professionals.

Bradford White states that there are a number of safety concerns, proper installation techniques, plumbing codes, and state laws that must be obeyed in order to have a safe properly working water heater installation. They also say that in some states a licensed plumber is the only person who may legally install a water heater.

Bradford White believes that while there are many small jobs the “Do It Yourself” homeowner may do, they do not feel installing a water heater is one of them. Bradford White believes there are too many hazards involved with installing a water heater involving Electrical, Gas, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Scalding, and Property Damage from water discharges, where they elected to have this policy in place.

Indeed there are many Safety Requirements, local Plumbing Code, Electrical Code, and Fuel Gas Code requirements that must be obeyed for a safe water heater installation and operation. Water heaters when not installed properly can cause many dangerous things such as shock and fire hazards from improperly installed electrical connections, explosions and fires from leaking gas or, improperly fueled water heaters, carbon monoxide poisoning from improperly installed and set up flue connections, and even an exploding water heater tank caused by the T&P valve not being installed properly. Not to mention the simple act of setting the thermostat too high without having a tempering device on the outlet which can cause scalding.

Bradford White is the only tank type water heater manufacturer which has this policy in effect. Some supply houses may sell them to the general public but if Bradford White finds out they can terminate their relationship with that supply house.

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